Netgear Router Login

  1. Open a web browser on the device and type either or in the address bar. Make sure you’re on the right login page which asks for the username and password.
  2. Put in the username and password in the dialogue box. If the username or password has been previously changed, the default username and password will not be recognized.

(Note: If either of the username or password has been changed, put that in instead of the default username and password.)

  1. The Home screen of your router’s web page will open.

If you’re still unable to establish a connection, then you will be redirected to the Netgear’s Technical page. An alternate method can also be applied which is using your router with a wired Ethernet connection as wired connections are the best way to access the router. If everything else fails, try resetting your router. Page for Netgear Update Firmware 

Updating the Firmware of your Netgear Router is very important as it will help you reap the most benefits from your router and keep all your security and settings up to date on your router.

Here are some steps to download and update your router’s firmware manually:

  • Go to the NETGEAR Download Center and download the latest firmware for your router and save it to the desired location.
  • Now, launch a web browser of your choice from the computer that is connected to your router. It is preferred that the computer is connected to the router via an Ethernet cable.
  • A wireless connection while upgrading your firmware might cause some damage to the router.
  • Enter in the address bar of the browser.
  • login window will ask you to put in the username and password. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”. The username and password are case sensitive.
    • Select ADVANCED and then choose Administration.
    • You will see a Router Update or Firmware Update The option may vary for different models. Click it.
    • Click Browse or Choose File to select the firmware that you previously downloaded.
    • Locate the firmware download and click Open. Then click on Upload to upload the latest firmware on your Netgear router.

What is

We here at make sure that people around the world are facing no problem in logging in to their routers. We explain all the necessary steps in logging in to the routers and finding the IP addresses so that people can log in to their routers. We also help in troubleshooting all the steps required in setting up a router and answer all the FAQ’s related to the router problems around the clock.

The most frequently asked question is, “How do I log in to my router?” Logging in on your Router can be somewhat of a hassle as not everybody is a tech-savvy person. There may be numerous reasons as to why you might not be able to login into your router, IP address issues being the most common ones. By default, the IP address of the routers is either provided or you have to search for it yourself.

Most of the time, the gadget or computer that you’re using will pick up the router’s IP address itself, but if the device is using a static IP address, then you will have to configure the IP address by yourself to retrieve it in order to use your internet. Here at, we help you configure every router with the least amount of hassle and we will explain each step to configure your router so that you can log in into your router and start using it without any trouble while using it to its maximum potential.

Ventures to View the switch Status by utilizing the Data of the Nighthawk Router

You can use the underneath referenced headings to see the switch status and usage information on your Nighthawk switch:

  • Open a web program from a PC or remote contraption that is related to the framework.
  • Enter or in the area bar.
  • It will direct you to the login check window.
  • Enter the switch username and secret key in the specific fields.
  • The default username is ahead.
  • The default mystery key is if you have not tweaked it.
  • The username and mystery expression are case-sensitive.
  • When you have viably marked in, you will direct to the Dashboard screen.
  • Tap on the Advanced tab.
  • Click on the show/cover help center interface at the base of the screen for the information about the demonstrated settings.

Starting with your Netgear

Netgear is one of the foremost and well-known companies in making the best quality routers in the market be it for home, business use or streaming and gaming. Netgear Routers usually have two default login IP addresses, which are or and different routers might pick up either of these two IP addresses. But Netgear went one step further and made it very easy for people to use their routers and log in to them. They now ship their routers configured to use either or instead of the IP addresses previously mentioned. This makes it easier for its users to remember the login URL’s rather than the IP addresses. Once you enter either of the URL’s, the device will automatically take you to the router login page where you have to put in your username and password. The username is “admin” and the default password is “password”. It can be changed later if needed.

Just a tip – Never unplug your router from the power supply while it is upgrading or when you are making changes. 

Netgear router login through

The Netgear wireless routers are quite easy and simple to set up. Earlier the Netgear users used to face a lot of trouble while logging in to the Netgear router setup portal through the default IP address of the router i.e. or and lot of the users tend to get the denial of access to their wireless router. The users need to log in through the web address in the address bar of the browser.

Here in this section, we will let you know about the overall idea of setting up the Netgear wireless router. The users with less prior experience of setting up the Netgear wireless routers can also configure the router and modem easily within few minutes. Just follow the below mentioned instructions carefully to set up the router.

Unbox the router content and assemble all the essential components of the router that are enclosed in the outer packaging.

  1. Connect the router to the WAN port of the PC and also connect the router to the power supply adapter.
  2. Switch on the power supply of the adapter and wait for the lights on the router display panel to get stable or turn solid green or yellow.
  3. Now, after the connection is set up between the router and the device, enter the web address in the URL bar of the browser and hit the enter key.
  4. Enter the login credentials like the username and the passkey when prompted to enter for accessing the Netgear router setup portal.
  5. Upon accessing the homepage of the router, select the Internet WAN tab on the homepage and select the proper connection type i.e. PPPoE from the list of connection types.
  6. Follow the rest of the instructions on the screen carefully to perform the configuration successfully and save all the settings in the end.
  7. Click on the save and apply the changes tab and then click on the reboot now tab and wait for the reboot process to take place properly.

Now, you are ready to use your Netgear router after the whole process is done and enjoy the blazing fast speed of your wireless router.

Note – It is very important to remember that the router reboot at the end needs to be done properly and just make sure that the reboot is not interrupted in any case as that can lead to the malfunctioning of the router and the router can be rendered useless. So make sure the reboot process isn’t interrupted in any circumstance.


Netgear wireless router provides new features to his user, now the most waiting feature is that how we connect iPhone 11  with Netgear wireless router, now wait is over, you easily connect your iPhone with the router, it is very simple and easy.

First you need to get IP address of your Netgear router, after this you can access the networking ,first you open the settings of your iPhone after this then go to the wifi settings of your phone, then you select the WIFI network or router, then click on blue button, then you select IP address of the router, and select the router then enter the credentials, you will connect to the user.

  • first in your iPhone, go to the settings, then check WIFI address, this is your MAC address.
  • then you login into your NETGEAR page, and enter your password and username.
  • Then click on both boxes
  • click on ACCESS SETTINGS
  • Enter the device name, means iPhone
  • Click on MAC ADDRESS.
  • Now you connect your device with Netgear router

Second way to connect your router with iPhone is through NETGEAR genie app, first of all, user download the Netgear App from the play store, then open the app and select WIFI symbol, now you enter router user name and password ,username is admin and password is password, after this your router wireless settings will display, there is QRcode, scan this QR code from mobile and you able to connect with router.


Sometimes the user not able to connect his router to iPhone, the first main reason is the wrong password, then you again type your secret word, then move your router closer to the phone, then off your phone and restart it and the same process is for Netgear router.

User not able to connect their iPhone with Netgear Router, because sometimes user not access the Network, please check the settings of the router you also take support from, if network is needed to reset, first reset it after u=it is ok then check credentials you enter, sometimes username and password not match ,so again try to fill the username and password, after this you restart your phone, now you able to connect your router to iPhone.

  • It is very easy to connect your iPhone with Netgear router.
  • Netgear genie app is useful for connecting your device with iPhone.
  • It is a user-friendly App.

User sometimes want to forget wifi  network, it is very easy, open the app, then click on wifi, then there is a button next to wifi settings, then click on forget WIFI.

Netgear wireless router launches new updates from time to time, it is easy for the user to connect your devices, and gives various new and advanced features so that the user will use easily.use and more information you check

Frequently Asked Questions.

Things you need before you begin the setup.

Before beginning with the setup process prepare the following before you:

  • Internet connection or service.
  1. The Host and Domain Names – Internet Login Name and Password
  2. Domain Name Server (DNS) Addresses
  3. A fixed or Static IP Address Your ISP should have provided you with all the information needed to connect to the Internet.
    NOTE: In case you forgot or if you are not aware of the above information, you can ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to provide it.
Users with cable modem service, have to work from the computer they first used to set up their Internet service.
  1. The TWO main methods to set up your Netg-ear Wireless wifi router.
  2. Netgear Genie Setup: it is the easiest, quickest and reliable method. Below we describe the steps of the Netgear Genie Setup. Take note that these steps are for a computer or tablet having Windows OS,
  3. Insert the NETGEAR Resource CD in your Windows installed PC. The CD will start automatically and will also detect the language you are using on your PC. Accept the language option or change to a different language based on your need.
  4. When you click on SETUP, the Netgear Genie installation assistant will start.
  5. The Wizard will guide you through automated instructions that you have to follow.
  6. What if my CD fails to start automatically?
    If your CD does not start automatically, browse the CD and then click on AUTORUN.
    • Manual Setup: you can use this option if you cannot use or understand the Netgear Genie or you do not have a CD Drive in your PC or laptop.
    • In this method, you have to connect your wifi router to the ADSL or cable modem and also make a connection between your computer and the wifi router.
    • The second step involves your wifi router configuration to enable it to use your Internet Service.
  7. How to establish a connection between your wifi router, computer, and modem?
    To connect the three devices:
    • Power off your computer
    • Power off and unplug the cable or your ADSL broadband modem
    • Connect your computer to the modem with Ethernet cable
    • Insert the free end of this Ethernet cable into a LAN port of your Netgear Wifi router
    • Using the yellow cable that came with your wifi router establish a connection between your wifi router and the modem by securely inserting it into the Yellow Internet port of your Wifi router.
  8. You have now successfully connected your network cables and ready to start your work!
    • The correct sequence to start your network.
    • Plug in the cable and turn on your modem. Wait for about 2 minutes.
    • Power on your wifi router by plugging in the power cord into your wifi router and wait for another 1 minute.
    • Switch on your computer.
    • Check the lights on your wifi router to verify the following:
    • The power light will turn solid blue.
    • The test light should go solid green when you turn on your wifi router and will eventually go off.
    • The Wireless light should be on. The wireless feature of your wifi router is set up by the Netgear Genie configuration assistant.
    • The Internet port light should be on. If it does not light, check that the Ethernet cable is securely attached to the wifi router’s Internet port and the modem, and the modem is switched on.
    • The LAN light should be lit. The green light indicates a good signal strength speed of 100 Mbps; amber light indicates 10 Mbps. If a LAN light does not light, check that the Ethernet cable connection from the computer to the wifi router is secure. Also, see that the computer’s power is on.
  9. How to set up your Netgear Wifi router to access the Internet
    • Open the web browser from your computer and type ⦁ in the address bar and click Enter.
    • You can type any one of these two URLs in the address bar of your browser to connect to the internet, and then press Enter.
    • http://www.wifi
    The wifi router will prompt you to enter the user name and the password.
    • When prompted enter the default username: admin and password as the default wifi router password in the login window. The username and password are case sensitive and make sure you have entered the information in the lower case.
    • Wifi router’s home page will be displayed.
    • Once connected to the Internet, click on the Knowledge Base or the Documentation link under the Web Support menu. This will help you in providing the support information or the documentation for your wifi router.