Troubleshooting Faqs -

This issue can occur with anytime however you don’t need to panic about the issue regarding the login to the router web portal. You can also access the Netgear router setup portal through the default IP address of the router i.e. or

  • What if I am not being able to log in through either of the two methods i.e. IP address and

This problem is the one least likely to occur. But sometimes the user can face this issue. What you need to do is just don’t panic and try to reboot the router first and if the problem is still not resolved, then you have none other option than going for a router factory reset.

  • What does the factory reset button do?

The factory reset button is given on the back panel of the router to reset all the settings written on the router. You just need to press the reset button with the help of a pinpointed object like a paper pin or paper clip and hold it for few seconds until the router reboots.

  • Where can I find the default IP address of the router?

The default IP address of the router is usually written on the brand label pasted underneath or above the Netgear wireless router. There are several other important details printed on the label like the device serial number and model number etc.

  •  What to do if I forgot the login passkey for the router login?

This issue can occur with any user at any point of time as the humans tend to forget and the login passkey for the router login can be forgotten easily by the user. The least a user can do is just perform the reset on the router. Just try to press the reset button on the router with the help of a pinpointed object and keep the button pressed for at least 5 seconds.

  • What is the WPS mode of connection?

The WPS mode of connection is the easiest and convenient way of getting your router connected to the computer device. The WPS mode is the most time-saving method of establishing the secure and stable connection between the router and the device. WPS button on both the devices needs to be selected almost simultaneously. The users usually tend to lag behind while pressing the WPS button.

  • How can we reset the router through the web-based interface of the router?

The router can be easily reset through the web interface of the router by logging in to the router through the web domain and then you can land in the home page of the router only after specifying the login credentials like the username and the password. Then select the System settings tab and then select the factory reset tab.

Upon selecting this tab, all the settings on your router will be erased and you will have to configure your Netgear router all again.

  • How else can I connect my router to the PC else than Wi-Fi and WPS?

There is one other method of connecting your router to the computer. You can get you connected to the computer more efficiently and securely through the Ethernet cable (RJ45) standard. This method of connection through the Ethernet cable is quite fast and reliable as it is a physical method of connection and more secure also.

  • What if the browser displays an error like “error loading your page” on the screen while trying to log in to the router?

This is a minor issue most of the times and you don’t need to rush to any conclusion and what you need to do is just relax and try to reset the router and wait for few seconds before logging in to the router. If the problem still persists, then switch off and on the router power supply for once and again wait for few seconds before you attempt another login.

  • How to login into Netgear Orbi router ?

You need to type on your Computer or device which is connected with Netgear Orbi router.

  • How to reset Netgear R7000 using Factory defaults settings found under the Netgear genie admin page?

To reset your Netgear r7000 router can be reseted by logging into the Netgear genie page, which can be accessed by opening on your computer connected with wireless or wired connection. Once you have the access to the Netgear genie page click on advanced> Backup and restore > Factory reset.