Netgear routers and the modems are the most preferred networking devices used by people worldwide. The users of the Netgear don’t face any hassles as such while connecting and entering into the router setup portal of Netgear. Netgear routers are quite reliable in their use and also efficient over the time of their usage.

The Netgear Orbi AC3000 routers are although much efficient reliable but sometimes the efficient and reliable routers can also malfunction at times due to several reasons. Netgear routers issues can be resolved easily through the guide mentioned below.

What if the router web portal is inaccessible through

There are always the chances that you may not get access to your Netgear web portal due to many reasons like the error in the browser (an outdated version of the browser or incompatible browser).  Just follow the below-mentioned router guide to resolve the issues.

Resetting the Netgear router

The Netgear routers can be reset through one of the two methods as under.


Reset via the reset button

Reset through the web interface of the router

Reset via the reset button

Resetting your Netgear router via the reset button is the easiest way possible to reset the router. Here in this section, we will let you know about the resetting of the router through the Reset button.

  • There is a small pinhole given on the back of the router in which lies the reset button.
  • The user needs to insert a pinpointed object like a paper pin or paper clip and hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds.
  • The lights on the display panel of the router will go off and on indicating the router reset (reboot).
  • Wait for the router reboot of the router to take place properly and just don’t interrupt in between the reboot process.
  • In this way, your router will be reset to its original factory state.

Important- It is very important to consider that all the settings and configuration details like the user details will get erased from the memory of the router network card. The user will need to reconfigure and set up the router all over again with the new settings.

Resetting the router through the web interface (

Resetting your router through the web interface is quite the same process as configuring the router through the web interface of the router. If you want to reset your Netgear router through the web-based interface, just open the web address in the address bar and authenticate the webpage with the username and password you have set earlier. Or just enter the router through the default username and the password.

Then look out for the System settings tab and click on it. Now, select the router reset tab and click it.

Your Netgear router will be reset to its original factory settings and all the data on it will get erased and configuration needs to be done all again to use the router again.

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    All i wanted to know about Netgear orbi routers. I used and it worked for me, also one tip from my side always follow manual instructions.

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